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How Stonefield Shave Can Drive Demand For Traditional Wet Shaving

A man uses traditional shaving due to increase in demand in this industry

Figuring out what’s next for your business may be challenging. But, it offers opportunities to take your brand to the next level with resilient growth and drive demand for your products and services. 

So today let’s look at how Stonefield Shave is renewing interest in traditional wet shaving.


It started when Jonathan Steinfeld took a trip to New York City and visited a men’s shaving store. And traditional wet shaving got his interest. Later, it inspired Jonathan to start Stonefield Shave, a brand of Canadian-made products.

Basically, wet shaving is the opposite of the multi-razor tools and aerosol creams that underline men’s grooming.  It creates a unique aesthetic and simpler yet effective tools. This is how Stonefield Shave takes us back to a simpler time.  Jonathan describes it as “visiting your grandfather’s favorite shop,” even in the digital space.

What makes Stonefield Shave stand out as a resilient brand?

Focusing the mission creates helpful content along a well-defined user journey

First, traditional practices call for an un-learning of what we know. To make it easier, they have arranged their products according to user needs. This includes a category for those who are new to the art of wet shaving. Stonefield Shave provides valuable, digestible information to get one started. Especially, it displays necessary tools and products and guides users from this step to the next.

Also, having a well-defined user journey is one of several effective strategies for boosting retention rate. Depending on the industry, improving the retention rate by even 5% can increase profits by 25% and more.

It’s cool that Stonefield Shave puts itself in its customers’ shoes. Having a good grasp of their needs and challenges, whichever stage they are in the buyer’s journey, is the key to a lasting relationship.

Showing a clear understanding of how customers think and the problems they’re trying to solve helps you better position your product as their needed solution.

How can you do this and take it up a notch?

First of all, define the problem your product category solves. Then, present the solution with category descriptions. Provide answers to your customers’ most nagging queries. By doing this, you make your products THE answers to these questions.

Then, take it a step further and align all content pieces to every user journey stage. Link helpful articles on your website back to products. Offer freebies or discount codes to encourage sales. Use email drip sequences to talk about the stories behind your products. And, of course, collect social proof through customer testimonials.

Having a clear map of your customer journey is key to aligning all areas of your brand. However, optimizing every step of their journey is an ongoing job. This can bump up customer satisfaction and increase the retention rate. 

Increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) and knocking out competition through a loyalty program

Did you know that 74% of consumers choose a store based on a strong loyalty or discount program? If that’s not enough incentive, rewards programs also increase customer lifetime value. Over time, this means more purchases, more often.

Stonefield Shave’s loyalty program begins with a discount on the first product. To keep the customer close, they reward offer discounts on future purchases too.

Customers can even earn points from liking Stonefield Shave’s social media pages or referring friends. 

A loyalty program like this works wonders for the right products. It answers the two questions most business owners have: how can we stand out, and how do we get customers to buy again? 

What’s in it for you?

Don’t be shy. If you’ve decided that a loyalty program is right for your product, feature it loud and proud. Advertise it on your website’s key pages: the home page, category pages, and product pages. Share it on social media and the newsletter. Help your customers notice it. 

The communication doesn’t stop after customers have clicked the checkout button. Maintain customer’s interest by offering seasonal rewards or even gamifying the process! Align these initiatives with your calendar and watch your promotions generate results.

Stonefield Shave not only does a great job of taking customers on a journey to a more traditional way of doing things. Hence, it guides them through their journey of discovering a time-honored ritual of wet shaving.

You, too, can use similar techniques and drive demand for your business! First, start with defining a customer journey that provides value at every step and a rewards program that keeps them coming back.