Your Data And Customer Journey Are Connected. Here’s Why That’s Cool.

We hear so much about the importance of collecting data in marketing. From tracking your website traffic to keeping tabs on your social stats, there’s a lot of data available to marketers. This data is fantastic, but only if you know how to use it! Data on its own is nothing more than fancy-looking numbers. […]

How to Ruin Your Business With Marketing

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Drinking too much coffee, staying up late, endless scrolling on social media, or overindulging on chocolate – we all have a few bad habits that we’d like to break. We are human, after all. And just like how quickly we ended up overeating take-out during the endless months of lockdown, it’s just as simple to […]

Marketing Campaigns That Should Have Failed…But Didn’t

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In marketing, not everything follows logic. Sometimes, the most irrational and ridiculous ideas can work wonders when it comes to marketing campaigns. With so much competition for attention, marketing campaigns are getting bolder and braver as brands fight to stand out from the crowd. While most brands are continually searching for their competitive edge, few […]

Using Psychology to Drive Referral Marketing

When you’re looking for a new dentist, where is the first place that you look? Do you ask around among your friends and family, or do you head straight to Google? Sure, you might do both. But which dentist are you going to choose? The one that your friend recommended because she had a good […]

6 Common Pitfalls When Identifying your Customer Avatar

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Think about the last time that you went for a job interview (no matter how long ago that was!). Before you stepped into the interview, you likely did a bit of research about both the company and the person interviewing you. You would have had an idea about what the company is looking for, their […]

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Retargeting

how to reduce shopping cart abandonment with retargeting

So you’ve got pretty decent website traffic but are still struggling to drive conversions as you need to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Your customers show interest in your products by adding items to their shopping carts. But, it ends there. Your cart abandonment rate is far higher than you’d like, and it’s starting to impact […]

How to Perform a Full Website Audit in 11 Steps

A full website audit analyzes a website’s performance and identifies existing problems. For a digital business like yours, the website is one of the most critical assets. It’s the crucial touchpoint between you and the customer. It’s what sets you apart from competitors. And of course, it’s your trusted representative on the wild expanses of the […]

Why Our Place Tells the Story Behind Every Unique Meal

Cooking up fresh ideas to grow your business is a recipe for resilient growth. But it’s not without its challenges! With examples of real brands, we’d like to inspire you to help your business grow. Today, we take you into the culinary world of Our Place. Our Place is a kitchen and tableware brand. It transcends […]