The Growth Finder

CMO-in-a-box solution paired with outside-the-box thinking​

Find & Build

Know where to focus and prioritize for optimum business growth

The Growth Finder is approximately a 6-week process, spanning the first two steps of your growth plan: FIND & BUILD.

Insights Lab analysts apply CMO-level thinking and view your data through the lens of your business mission. This approach uncovers immediate opportunities for your business.

The insights from your Growth Finder will be unique to your industry, data, and, ultimately, your business’ mission and goals.


Step 1

Discovery. Assess your Curent position


The first step is to gain an in-depth understanding of your business. Insights Lab will be searching for new opportunities or ways to go deeper into your current initiatives.

Step 2

Opportunity. Find solutions in your data


This discovery process includes two different calls: a kickoff call (your company stakeholders) and a workshop call (your company marketing team). 

Step 3

Action Plan. Growth Map & Actionable Insights


We dig into your tools, data, and research to craft your Growth Finder. We present our findings in insight opportunities and guide you for the next 30 days as you implement your options.


Kickoff Call - stakeholders (approx 30 minutes)

In order to set the foundational direction for your growth finder we start with a kickoff call.

During this call we will discuss with your company’s founder/stakeholders we will discuss your current business landscape, company mission, vision, and what you’re looking to get out of the Growth Finder.

The kickoff call creates the lens through which the insights lab analysts process your data, identify opportunities, and craft the insights for you to capture those opportunities.

Digital Workshop - marketing team (approx 1 hour)

We will engage your marketing execution team on a workshop call to dive deeper into the marketing landscape.

We’ll discuss your current marketing initiatives, needs, goals and ultimately co-create the central pillars of your Growth Finder.

We also share any quick early opportunities that we see from accessing your tools,  so you & your team can work on your growth right away.


Insight Lab Activated

(approx one week)
We dig deep into your data - looking for insights that combine your business objectives & strategies, from which we deliver your Growth Finder. Your Growth Finder is a framework that prioritizes your action items to build upon your opportunities.

The Growth Finder Delivery

(approx 30 minutes)
1 week after diving into your data and mission, we present your Growth Finder, structured to provide your growth the best insight opportunities. Each insight answers the questions Why, How, and What your team can implement in the next 3-6 months to grow.

The Growth Month

(1 month of guidance)
Growth Finder includes 30 days of growth guidance with direct access to our analysts as you begin implementation. Mid-way through your growth month, we hop onto a Growth Call to assess where you’re at and dive deeper on insight topics of your choice. Throughout this process, the ILab team will be around to provide strategic support via Slack or email.

Successfully Providing the Best Business Solution for 20 years

The Growth Builder

Once you have a strong foundation from your Growth Finder insights, you can head off on your own with a stronger foundation. Or enter into the Insights Lab Growth Builder.

The Growth Builder speeds up your momentum from the Growth Finder to ultimately scale efforts and maximize profits on an ongoing monthly basis.  

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