business growth plan with growth journey in a data-driven way

We don’t reinvent your business. Rather, we improve & maximize your marketing efforts & your business growth plan.

You’ve built a successful business with passion and dedication. But somehow, you can’t seem to surpass a certain level, no matter how hard you try. The business growth has stopped, and it’s not as much fun as it used to be.

To stay competitive, you need to keep up with the times and make sure that your business growth plan is aligned with your business goals. However, it is incredibly time-consuming and expensive. Sounds familiar?

What is Growth Journey?

We’ve developed Growth Journey to help you reach new customers, grow revenue, and start getting the most out of your marketing technology, while, at the same time, setting your business up for lasting growth for many years to come. It’s your business growth plan based on what works for you.

Every business is unique. This is why YOUR business deserves a growth strategy tailored to YOUR needs. In Growth Journey, we design a custom 12-month plan based on your context to help you reach 10x growth.

We believe that marketing is a strategic business function. In Growth Journey, we work with ambitious business owners to analyze foundations and create custom solutions that set you up for sustainable, lasting growth.

Then, we adapt it to your budget and help you figure out the best ways to spend your marketing dollars to accelerate your business. With a tailored business growth plan that suits you, not us.

business growth plan to establish marketing foundations and scale a business

Growth Journey is perfect for you if:

How it works

Your long-term growth is our priority. With Growth Journey, you can expect 12 months of continuous support & advisory to get you tangible results with a cohesive framework to fuel your business growth.

Growth Finder

Month 1 – 3
Objective: where to direct your immediate focus to get tangible results
Workshop: core foundations of data monitoring = where to look for opportunities
Reporting: in-depth analysis of your current status vs. expectations + actionable insights

Growth Starter

Month 3 – 5
Objective: how to hit your next milestone
Workshop: Tailored to your Growth Journey

Growth Optimizer

Month 5 – 7
Objective: what processes to improve to prepare for your next spike in your growth
Workshop: Optimizing internal data monitoring

Growth Booster

Month 7 – 12
Objective: where to shift your focus for continuous improvement
Workshop: Strengthen your brand positioning using data

Pay as you go

12 monthly payments
$ 3500 per month
  • It's for you if:
  • Your marketing budget doesn’t allow you to bring in a CMO
  • You prefer to see how things pan out
  • You are looking for the right fit who really listens to your objectives

Save 20%

One-off payment
$ 2800 per month
  • It's for you if:
  • You prefer to get financially rewarded for your commitment
  • You are determined to have continuous growth
  • You are looking for a trusted partner to support your team

Your investment

Growth Journey will give you:

Our guarantee covers YOU:  you are welcome to leave any time after your second month if we are not delivering results for you. We are THAT confident in our framework and our non-agency approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We uncover growth opportunities for you based on your business objectives, where you currently are, where you want to get to AND what resources you have. We create your business growth plan that sets your marketing foundations right. Our team works TOGETHER with your team while you execute our recommendations. This way not only your business grows but your team evolves as we support them for 12 months.

Growth Finder is part of our Growth Journey service. The starting point to set your marketing foundations right and establish what to focus on immediately. It providers actionable insights that you can implement to ensure your business growth plan will set you up for success. Growth Journey is suitable for businesses who are determined to grow & evolve in the long terms. Growth Finder is better suited for businesses who want to “test the waters” first before they commit to long-term business growth plan. 

It’s a 12-month program that is tailored to your objectives and current situation. 

Yes, however, our main objective is to set you up for success while supporting your team. You will also learn what metrics to monitor and why, to get your team closer to uncover further growth opportunities without our support in the long run. 

We are that confident in providing you with growth opportunities that we have a 100% customer guarantee.  If you’re not happy with Growth Journey you can cancel anytime after your 2nd month. No questions asked. We would be very sad though but that’s another story. 

Your growth partner

Uncover the insights that will drive your success

Insights Lab is all about YOUR business growth. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters. Our strategists have created and guided successful marketing & growth strategies for small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, global brands, and even government agencies. And when we say “business growth,” we mean it.