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Learn from A.J. Lawrence, Insights Lab founder, who has led a marketing agency to the INC. 500 not once, but twice, and his team of marketers, analysts, and strategists.   

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Increasing Ecommerce Sales

Increase the size of your shopping cart. Offer products in bundles and packages and tie products together where customers can shop more than just one item. Offer a discount on the next item added to cart, after a certain threshold. To spice it up you can also show savings with bulk orders. Incentivize customers that add more items by displaying the savings – show customers how much money they are saving per item with each addition

Reposting Old Content for Traffic

Update the article with some new data, trends or just add a new take from the current time perspective. Keep the URL structure and add “Updated” before the original headline.  Update the publish date and redirect the original post to the updated one.  Add an editor’s note to say this post has been republished.

Boost your SEO with Schema Markup

Just go to Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper select the type of data and paste the URL you want to markup. Then you can select the elements you want to markup. Keep adding items, once you are finished you can click “Create HTML”. Then add the schema markup to your website, depending on what CMS you are running or simply paste the HTML to your source code.

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