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Uncover the insights that will drive your success and your growth strategy

With Growth Finder, we bring the power of data to your fingertips. Learn how your business is doing, where opportunities await, and what you need to do to take advantage of them. Uncover hidden growth opportunities and develop a growth-oriented strategy.

Growth Finder taps into hidden opportunities that we discover in your data and business performance. Not sure where to start? Growth Finder reveals the missing links that impact your growth potential. 

Business growth strategy to scale your business development plan. Growth finder service from Insights Lab
Business development and growth strategy for entrepreneurs using marketing data

Focus on what works

Trying to scale your business without a clear picture of how you are currently growing is like trying to build a skyscraper without knowing what’s in the ground. Without your growth foundation properly established, any efforts and intentions you have will be shaky.

Get a clearer picture of your business and more momentum for growth with Growth Finder from Insights Lab. Once you know what you do best, where to focus, and how to get your best ideas to fly, time is no longer an issue. Use our data analytics framework to make smart decisions about your growth strategy.

Growth Finder is perfect for you if :

One time payment

$ 2500
  • What's in:
  • A 6-week deep dive into your data
  • 3 calls to explore and deliver the results
  • An assessment of your marketing performance
  • A framework that you can use yourself
  • A list of uncovered insights to create a growth strategy
  • A ranking based on impact and effort of implementation

Your investment

Growth Finder will give you:

How Growth Finder works

Growth Finder is there to dive deep into your current processes, systems and data to uncover what is already working, what needs to be optimized, and any possible new opportunities. We use Growth Finder as an opportunity to take a step back and get a holistic overview of your current business operations.

Here’s what the process looks like:

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We uncover growth opportunities for you based on your business objectives, where you currently are, where you want to get to AND what resources you have. 

We tap into hidden opportunities that we discover in your data and business performance.

Setting your marketing foundations right is crucial if you are seriously committed to  long-term growth. Our team works TOGETHER with your team while you execute our recommendations.

Growth Finder is part of our Growth Journey service. The starting point to set your marketing foundations right and establish what to focus on immediately. It providers actionable insights that you can implement to ensure your business growth plan will set you up for success.

If you want to “test the waters” first before committing to a long-term business growth plan then go with our Growth Finder. We can enrol you into the remaining stages of Growth Journey if you want to carry on scaling up with us.

Growth Journey is suitable for businesses that are determined to grow & evolve in the long term. 

On average it takes 6weeks, however you go at your own pace. Some of our customers execute our recommendations a little slower and we have customers who are eager to start growing. The length will depend on how ready you are, how your team structure looks like and how much support you need from us. 6 weeks is what’s realistic in most scenarios.

Yes & No. 
If you entirely shake up your products, services, infrastructure and overall business objectives then yes, you would benefit from another Growth Finder. If you’re sticking to your goals & our recommendations, you will not need another Growth Finder. As a next step, you can enrol into our Growth Journey

Your team and our team work TOGETHER to finalize your Insights. Our main objective is to support your team while you implement our recommendations. This way not only your business growth kick starts but your team also starts to evolve. 

Your growth partner

Uncover the insights that will drive your success

Insights Lab is all about YOUR business growth. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters. Our strategists have created and guided successful marketing strategies for small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, global brands, and even government agencies. And when we say “business growth,” we mean it.