The Growth Builder

A structure to begin planning out long term objectives

Optimize - Scale - Profit

Monthly iterative process that covers the final stages of your growth plan

After going through the Growth Finder, we activate your Growth Builder – a monthly, iterative process, covering the final stages of your growth plan: OPTIMIZE, SCALE, & PROFIT.

With the Growth Builder, not only are the best growth opportunities continually surfaced, but the continued upward growth trajectory of your company’s operations becomes part of your overall operational structure.


Strategy Calls

Monthly Strategy calls (or Loom video)

Strategy Calls/Videos

Monthly Strategy Calls (or Loom video) to align priorities, and explain this month’s focus. 


Monthly Opportunity Report


One-pager Monthly Opportunity report to keep track of trends as presented in your data. 


Continued email and slack guidance


The IL team will give you continuous guidance, supporting any questions you may have

Ad hoc Resources

Support for your insights executions


Loom videos or resource documents to support your insights executions


A dynamic and ongoing Growth Finder

Monthly strategy calls include coverage of any surfaced opportunities, supporting any questions you may have, deep dives into the data and environment, reassessments necessary to your growth efforts, and a structure to begin planning out long term objectives.


With the GB your business will:

  • Continue building on the foundational insights in your Growth Finder
  • Stay on top of oncoming trends, and eye potential opportunities more easily
  • Understand the surges and dips in your data, and learn to plot your initiatives along this curve. 
  • Quicker respond and adapt to changes in the market

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