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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions about the Growth Finder. Always feel free to contact the insights lab team here to go deeper. 


Kickoff Call – your stakeholders (approx 30 minutes) 
We start with a kickoff call with the founder/stakeholders of your company, to discuss your current situation and what you’re looking to get out of the Growth Finder:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What’s working for you in marketing? What isn’t?
  • Business and industry opportunities we see.
  • Where do we go from here?

Digital Workshop – your team (approx 1 hour)
We engage your marketing execution team on a workshop call to dive deeper into the current marketing landscape, their needs and goals, and ultimately co-create the central pillars of your Growth Finder:

  • Understand current marketing initiatives
  • Determine marketing team goals and needs
  • Co-create the core framework of your Growth Finder


Insight Lab Activated (approx 1 week)
To create your Growth Finder, we then dig deep into your data and uncover insights based on our kickoff and workshop calls. 

  • Formulate a custom framework to support your growth 
  • Uncover opportunities you may not be considering
  • Dive deeper on current initiatives working for you
  • Prioritize your action items, to build on other action items

The Growth Finder Delivery (approx 30 minutes)
After diving deep into your data and industry research, we present your Growth Finder, and deliver concrete action steps for your team to implement: 

  • Your Growth Finder strategy 
  • Key insights overview
  • What happens next?

The Growth Month (1 month of support) 
30 days of support with direct access to our analysts to guide implementation, and start implementation and optimization. 

  • Key insight implementation (your team) 
  • Strategic support (insights lab team)
  • Deeper insight explanations (insights lab team)

Once we complete the discovery process with the initial calls. The insight lab is activated for approximately one week. The ilabs team digs deep into your data and develop prioritized insights based on your company mission and goals. What are your insights? Every growth finder is uniquely formulated to each company.

Generally each growth finder begins inward with your analytics and website framework. We formulate a framework for all of your outward growth initiatives with the initial analytics insights and go from there throughout your website and current traffic to optimize that flow. We help you do more with what you already have. That could mean repurposing content or developing new funnels within your current website flow.

Once your framework is robust – then come the growth insights. How to get more traffic, expand your markets and customer base, and increase your bottom line.

Each insight is meant to build onto and make the other insights stronger. For example, when you optimize your blog layout you can build on that insight by sending traffic to that post. By creating your next email campaign that drives email subscribers to your newly optimized blog. And by sharing each blog post on social media and building up your social media presence and community.

Each growth finder insight is custom tailored to the central goals and mission of your company.

No. This isn’t about one aspect of your business; we look at your data to understand you, your customers, and what drives them to action
No. Our team of mad marketing scientists will analyze and provide you with doable, high-impact action steps for you to execute.
Absolutely. Our founder and head scientist led our parent company, the JAR Group, into the Inc. 500 list not once, but twice.

Only work in the right direction. No more guesswork. Think of this as the 80/20 of your business. We recommend only the key actions that would have the biggest impact. All backed by data.

Click the buy now button below, enter your contact and credit card details, and that’s it! One of our geeks will be in touch on the next steps, within the next business day.

Easy – we’re not an agency! Think of us as your strategic think tank – mad scientist brains for rent. We don’t lock you in on execution; you’re free to execute our actionable strategies on your own, or we can point you in the right direction!

We don’t focus on big and flashy – our priority is to give you your most pressing opportunities right now. Your insights are based on longterm sustain able growth – not big and flashy

Virality is a one-time thing. We are after continued, sustainable growth. 

No, we’re a strategic think tank; although a content plan is usually part of our offerings, we do not provide writing, graphic, or similar services. 

No, we’re a strategic think tank; although a content plan is usually part of our offerings, we do not provide writing, graphic, or similar services. 

Yes! Our Growth Finder includes free 30 days support, and our Growth Builder is designed to provide you ongoing strategy support. 

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